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Would Koufax have jumped into pool?

You’d think that with all the cash being thrown at Dodgers players these days, they could afford to build their own pools at their luxury homes. But, no! There they were breaking into the private property of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and jumping fully uniformed in to the Chase Field swimming hole. Wait, before we go on, can anyone explain why there is a swimming pool at a ballpark? Anyway, some of the Dodgers players jumped into the pool beyond the right-field fence as part of their celebration after clinching the NL West title. From the reaction of the D-Backs, you’d have thought the pool was filled with holy water. Arizona CEO Derrick Hall saw it as “disrespectful and classless.”

But the richest reaction of all came from Sen. John McCain, who in a tweet called the post-game plunge a “no-class act by a bunch of overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats.” Never mind for now about a member of Congress calling someone else overpaid. Assume for a moment that McCain is right that the Dodgers acted inappropriately and showed bad judgment. Then how is the gentleman from Arizona going to square ballplayer over-exuberance with his comments as a presidential candidate in Murrell, S.C., on April 17, 2007?  In response to a question about what to do with Iran, this  statesman sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” in how he would handle that nation. Sen. McCain, sometimes even “mature” politicians swing and miss.

I didn’t see the pool party live, but after hearing about it, I wondered who was involved. The stunner came when I saw the goofy photo of a drenched Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is young, but seems in full control. I bet he now looks at the picture, and wonders what he was thinking. I can imagine the dignified Sandy Koufax seeing the photo, and shaking he head in amazement. Let’s all agree: Koufax would not have jumped in. The scene made me wonder: If the Dodgers clinched at AT&T Park, would they all have jumped into McCovey Cove? And next year, if the D-Backs clinch the title at Dodger Stadium, how will they return the favor? Will they take over a Dodger Dog concession stand and start throwing around wieners? Will they storm Vin Scully’s broadcast booth? The stage is definitely set for some bad blood. Tip for Don Mattingly: When Dodgers meet hardball Kirk Gibson’s D-Backs for first time next year, don’t bat prized possession Yasiel Puig leadoff. I’m guessing the first Dodger batter might be going down.


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