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Brian Wilson: Too Boo or not to Boo

Brian Wilson was a good Giant. He pitched for the club for seven years. He appeared in 315 games and threw 320 innings. He had an ERA of 3.21, with 170 saves and 340 strikeouts. He recorded the last out of the 2010 World Series in 2010. It was the first franchise World Series title since 1954. He had a big role in raising the championship flag at opening day 2011. When Wilson entered the game in search of save at AT&T Park, the ballpark sound system  would crank up his “Jump Around” entrance song, and did any Giant fan not get revved up over that moment. Wilson’s jaunt from the bullpen to the mound was one of the magic moments of that season.

So why would local talk shows even be debating how Giants fans will react, assuming Wilson gets an appearance when the Dodgers come to town this week for three games, If he is not greeted with a standing ovation, then Giants fans should be ashamed. To Wilson’s credit, he has said the right things to the fans. A tweet following his signing with the Dodgers said, “It was an honor to pitch in front of you all these years.” And in fairness to Wilson, it wasn’t like he abandoned the Giants for Dodgers riches. It became pretty clear that Giants management was through with Wilson, possibly weary of the so-called act. The Dodgers were willing to take a chance on the Tommy John repaired pitcher, and who could blame Wilson for that. Memo to Giants fans: Stand and applaud the Beard on his first appearance, and then boo the blue uniform from that time on.


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